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Welcome to the Revision Link Degree Computing Notes Page.

Computing Students - Degree Computing Notes and Resources

Computing Students

The Computing Students site ( aims to be a valuable tool in aiding your studies in Computer Science and related topics to Computing such as ICT, Network Computing, and Information Systems. The main sections of the Computing Students site are outlined below:

Computing Degree Notes

Comprehensive Degree Computing Notes and articles arranged by study module and level. You can use these to help in your study and revision for Computer Science, Information Systems, Network Computing, or any other Computing related subject. The following sections and general topic areas are covered by the Computing Students Degree Notes Section:

Computer Science Questions

Find practice Computer Science related tests / quizzes that are marked as you go along. Great for exam practice or revision.


Find tutorials, downloads, and example code for various programming languages such as Visual Basic and Java.

Computer Science Dictionary

Find hundreds of clear and concise computing definitions with links to explore more. Many definitions are cross-referenced to other definitions within the Computing Students Dictionary to enable you to gain a better understanding.

Computer Science Links and Sites

Find other sites and resources related to Computing Students in the Links Section. You can recommend sites for inclusion by contacting Computing Students through the "Contact" page.

Revision Aid Directory

Browse the Computer Science and Computing related sites listed in the Revision Aid Directory. Try GCSE Computing, A-Level Computing, Degree Computing. You can submit new sites or links for inclusion and submit new information regarding existing listings.

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